Holds up to 200 hot dogs and 42 buns.

Hot dog steamer

Product Dimensions24 x 23 x 21 inches; 31 pounds

Instructions for use

1.  Gently remove the glass doors and bottom metal pans to expose the water reservoir.

2. Fill the water pan with water, up to 8 quarts.  

3.  Insert the dog and bun trays into the Dog Hut and gently replace the glass doors into their respective tracks.

4. Plug cord in and turn the POWER switch to ON.

5.  Turn heat control to “HIGH” position.  This action is what turns on the heating element in the base of the Dog Hut.  It will now start producing steam.  Now set the HEAT CONTROL dial to the optimal setting which will vary by user. 

**Please allow the machine to warm up for 40 -45 for optimal performance.

6. Place hotdogs on the Dog tray, and steam accordingly. All meats should be precooked. BE SURE TO ARRANGE HOTDOGS LOOSELY TO ALLOW THE STEAM TO CIRCULATE FREELY BETWEEN EACH OF THEM. All meat should reach an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit before serving. **We suggest placing 45-50 hot dogs in at a time. This will take around 30-45 minutes to get to the suggested internal temperature 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Once the meat has reached serving temperature turn the thermostat down to between 160 – 170 to keep them warm.  Caution: Use tongs to remove buns and hotdogs from the steamer as the product will be hot to the touch.

8. Place several buns in the top bun compartment as needed.  This is a highly efficient steam generator and warmer.  Leaving buns too long will result in either soggy or overcooked buns.

9. If the low water indicator light comes on, add up to 4 more quarts of water to restart the heating element. 

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