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Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector 300x300

 For Outdoor Use Only.


The Tracker IV is a “motion” detector. This means that the
searchcoil must be moving to detect the presence of metal. 

The Tracker IV allows for three modes of operation:

After turning the unit on, and adjusting your Sensitivity to the

desired setting, you're now ready to decide on your mode of



ALL METAL: (Toggle Switch in the Middle) In this mode, all

different types of metal will be detected such as: iron, steel,

aluminum, brass, silver, copper and gold. Applications: Relic

Hunting, Gold Prospecting, Cache Hunting and general applications

such as property marker locating. This mode provides maximum

depth detection capability.


FULL DISCRIMINATE: (Toggle Switch to the Left) When using the

Full Discriminator, most trash items will be automatically rejected.

Adjust the DISCRIMINATE control higher to increase the range of



TONE DISCRIMINATE: (Toggle Switch to the Right) When using

the Tone Discriminator, a unique dual tone “beep” and automatic iron

rejection makes finding treasure fun and easy. It's also possible to

achieve a broken tone for certain pull-tabs by adjusting your

Discriminate control to the approximate center position (12:00).

With the two-tone discrimination, along with a broken tone for

pull-tabs, you will be able to identify types of buried metals

according to the audio tones emitted. Applications: Coin shooting,

Jewelry hunting and detecting in highly trashed areas.


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